Amazing Grace AG Church


The Amazing Grace AG Church, Whitefield is a community of God’s people called to live and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit and the everlasting love of God.


Our mission is to invite people to salvation in Jesus Christ, worship God in the Spirit and in truth, and to establish them as disciples of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.


We worship at RYAN International, Kundalahalli, Bangalore – 37 (Near AECS Layout/Brookefield Mall bus stop). It is located in the vicinity of ITPL/Whitefield. For further details call +91 97401 42987 or email

The Church Service and Activities

Sunday Service

  1. Tamil Service 8 a.m.
  2. English Service 10 a.m.
  3. Children’s Church 10 a.m.

Sunday Activities

  1. Pre-Service Prayer 9.30 a.m.
  2. Youth Group 2nd Sunday
  3. Covenant Group 4th Sunday

Weekday Activities

  1. Bible Study Friday | 7.30 p.m.
  2. Lydia Club 1st Saturday | 11 a.m.
  3. Community Prayer 2nd Saturday | 11 a.m.
  4. Home Fellowship 3rd Saturday | 5 p.m.
  5. Andrew Club 4th Saturday | 8 a.m.

Our belief statements…



The scriptures, both the old and new testaments are inspired by God and declare His design and plan for mankind (2 Timothy 3:15-17 | 2 Peter 1:21)



There is only one true God – revealed in three persons, namely Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19 | Luke 3:22)



Mankind’s only hope of ‘Salvation’ is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God (Titus 2:11)



Signs, wonders and miracles are an integral part of the kingdom of God (James 5:14-16)

Our Pastor

In 2005, Pastor Abraham Alfred, took voluntary retirement after serving the country for 26 years, in obedience to God’s calling for full time ministry. Thereafter, he pursued theological studies at Southern Asia Bible College, Bangalore. It was during this time God impressed upon his heart to minister to IT professionals and others at Whitefield. Accordingly, Amazing Grace AG Church was started on November 23, 2008. Pastor Abraham and his wife Shoba have two adult children.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is a part of shepherding the flock(1Peter 5:2). Home visits are made to offer help and support by listening, discussing, praying and providing caring support.

Contact Us

Rev. I. Abraham Alfred
Mobile: +91 9740142987
Amazing Grace Children’s Church:
Mrs Shoba Alfred
Mobile: +91 9916724621

Members Testify God's Goodness

  • 2015

    Though, we got married in 2009, our desire for a child was not fulfilled. On 5th April 2014 a special prayer was organized for childless couples by the church.  We attended that prayer. Exactly within a month from the day of prayer, I conceived, God answered those prayers and we are really thankful to God. In the eighth month my sugar levels were very high, I was asked to take insulin and I was bit worried. During Healing prayer on second Sunday, pastor uncle prayed for me, and my sugar levels became normal without taking insulin. On 19th December, 2014 God blessed us with a healthy and beautiful baby girl.
    Rupa & SagarMarch 2015
  • 2014

    We moved to Bangalore from Gurgaon in November 2013 and since then we were looking for a church. We went to a few churches and we did not feel very comfortable at all. We came to this Church in the middle of March 2014, and the moment we walked in we felt so comfortable. We loved everything about this Church and we felt we should make this our home church. The people, the leaders, the Pastors are all very caring and this attracted us to this Church. Early April I had severe back pain and was in bed. The Church prayed and kept in touch to know the progress and details of the problems. They prayed along with us and today I am better and there is no trace of any backache. I just want to glorify God in all this. Our God is awesome and He is good and can be trusted over and over again.
    Jasmine RameshJuly 2014
  • 2013

    I really thank God for giving me the privilege to grow spiritually as AGAG Church grows from strength to strength over the last four years. My first church service with Amazing Grace Church in 2009 came with an unexpected surprise. James, Hannah, and myself came in late and we joined in the praise and worship time. But my mind kept on wondering when the other church members would come. I enjoyed Pastor’s sermon; only when the service came to an end did I realise that we were the only congregation apart from Pastor Abraham, Shoba, Ajay, and Divya. After the service we had a casual conversation and Pastor informed us, that he has a calling to start a church in Whitefield area.  Since then we continued to worship in AGAG Church. As I look back, it amazes me to see how the Church is growing in grace and knowledge of the Lord. The Lord will indeed give what is good, and our land will yield its harvest (Psalm 85:12). All praise and glory and honour to Yahweh.
    Swee SengNovember 2013
  • 2012

    I really thank God for my Baptism. It all started when Shoba aunty was teaching me about baptism in AGCC. Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me in my Dusshera holidays. At first I was confused if it is just my imagination or really the Holy Spirit. But the Holy Spirit continued to tell me to take baptism, either through the things I read or through the people around me. So in obedience to the Holy Spirit I took baptism. Also on the day of anointing I felt God's presence upon me. I want to thank God for speaking to me & helping me take a higher step in my Christian life.
    Trisha DavidMarch 2012
  • 2010

    I   was christened Amazing Grace and had my first church service under the Assemblies of God banner on 23rd November 2008. I will never forget that day, as I had my first service in a nursery classroom. The room was dark because of a power shut down (certainly not the way I visualised my first service), but my service started exactly on time. Pastor and his wife were the only two people there. Though I had invited many to come for this inaugural service, no one came. Little did I know that this would be the story for the next 39 Sundays. The following Sunday I moved my service out of the dark room into the corridor, soon I moved into the skating ring, hoping a bigger vision would bring more people! To cut a long story short, I had my first lone visitor on 23rd August 2009. After that I have seen some more visitors coming and going, a few faithful have stayed on and today I have 3 wonderful families worshiping with me. I even have a children’s church and an evangelist in a nearby village .These developments have given me immense hope, I know God has a plan for me. All praise be to His name alone.
    Amazing GraceJuly 2010

Jesus said, “Come to me all you who are burdened and I will give you rest” – Matthew 11:28


  1. Divya Naomi 3 years ago

    Great to see our Church Website is up! Love the look of it. Thank you Pastor and Team for all the efforts you have put in to it.. Just like in every area of the church. Would like to thank everyone who is part of this growing and thriving community for their dedication and support. This church has been a blessing for me, a support system, a family. Hope to see many more members join us!! 🙂

  2. Deivapalan 3 years ago

    Great to see our church website so colorful. Thank you Pastor and to all fellow Brothers and Sisters who have put extra effort in bringing up our church website.

  3. Swee and James 3 years ago

    A nice website. Very encouraged to see familiar and new faces. A blessed church indeed which we miss a lot. Jer 17:7-8

  4. Meghna Phillips 2 years ago

    We have been blessed immensely as a family from the time we started worshiping in this beautiful church. We would like to thank Pastor and the entire team who put in a lot of effort to make each service meaningful and memorable. We would like to thank Shobha for leading the children’s church, mentoring and molding little hearts towards Jesus. Amazing Grace AG church has been in our prayers and may it continue to be a place where people can worship our Lord Jesus and understand His holy word.

  5. Nidhi 2 years ago

    The moment you enter the AGAG Whitefield church, you will find several smiling faces greeting you in the name of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Two years back, I stepped into this community only to have many beautiful encounters with Jesus. The Sunday pre-service prayer & worship, Friday bible study and other activities enriched my walk with God. God has always spoken to me through the word of God. There were days when I walked in the church ailing and walked out with hope and healing. My Family and me received several breakthroughs, in this span of time. Thank God, for He is prayer answering God. You will find several members living out a Christ centered lives (setting an example for the next generation).Thank God the relentless work of the Pastor uncle, his family. Praise God for all the Love and affection amongst the members. Had I not been a part of this community, it would have been pretty tough for me to survive in Bangalore.
    Proverbs 14:25 says, A truthful witness saves lives. Thank God for AGAG Whitefield for rescuing several souls.

  6. Prince 1 year ago

    Amazing Grace AG church has truly been amazing in my life!!!
    I walked into this community that loves God for the first time on April-27, 2014. Little had I known that God had specifically brought me to a church that felt like home. The People were so loving and caring. Over a period of time God fulfilled a long buried desire of my heart to be part of the worship team and to lead people in worship. It is a community that prays for one another and encourages to pray and the community prayers every second Saturday were such a blessing. The home fellowships were always fantastic. The Friday Bible Study has always been helpful to understand God’s Word better.A church that is open to serve and has a heart for missions. A true blessing in my life and my period of association with the church is one I would call the best period of my life!!!
    May God bless this loving community and may it greatly increase!!!

  7. Rohini and Nishant 8 months ago

    We came to Bangalore in 2007 and after searching for a church for 3 years we walked into Amazing Grace AG Church in Jan 2011. It was a very warm and welcoming experience. As we grew spiritually in the church, with every service we saw the church community growing too. Amazing grace church has always backed us up with the prayers happening for the church members by the prayer team.
    We are immensely blessed by the different ministries run by church. Covenant group for married people, bible study, community prayer and home fellowships made us a very close community.
    We found the church to be gospel centred and Pastor always leading us to stick to Godly priorities every Sunday by Sunday. It has always been a spiritually fulfilling experience being part of church services and activities. And the church also believes in community building as we enjoyed church picnics and retreats too.
    When we came to AGAG it was a small community and by God’s grace it’s growing every day. The core biblical values observed by Pastor and the love exhibited by Pastor and Shoba aunty and every member of church makes it a great place to worship Lord Jesus. We are blessed to be part of this community.

  8. Vijaya Harshavardhan 5 months ago

    January 2015, It was during this time I was looking for a church to satisfy conscience for being a church goer and nothing more than that. But God had planned something way more than that. Because in just about two and a half years later I can say that going to Church means more than just a tradition to me. I have been blessed both spiritually and worldly. For the first time I felt what a wonderful church community can do my spiritual life. And that an active community can bring out the best in me.
    Pastor Abraham and Shobha Aunty recognized my inherent shyness and reserved mentality and helped me overcome that by assigning me with church services which involved talking and opening up. This helped me in my daily life as well. Now when I look back I really doubt the person I was. I am a changed man and all Glory to God for finding me such a wonderful and passionate Church community.
    I have learnt a lot from this Church and I will always remember my brief stint in this Church. Two and half years seems so less as the time I spent here was so smooth and pleasant. I recall those days when the whole Church was praying for my Masters plan which is the reason why right now I am sitting in US in a God given room and typing my feelings and letting know everyone how good God has been to me.
    I dont want to stress upon how God helped me in solving worldly problems or how he gratified my worldly wishes and desires although he made sure I never lacked any. I want to stress upon how he used this community to nurture my spiritual growth and made sure I leave this Church in a better condition than I was when I came to this Church.
    Every single time I came to Church my only desire was to just see through those two hours of time in Church and go back to my work and daily routine. But the courtesy given by people around me and the sermon Pastor used to deliver was touching my heart, It made me analyze myself and introspect on things I have been doing everyday. And gradually I started paying attention to Pastor’s sermons as I felt that there was so much worthy information that was being delivered. As a result I started realizing how far I was to God though being a Church goer for the past 20 years. I looked upon God as not just a person you look to when you are helpless but to seek him and feel him in my every moment. Although I can honestly say that I am still working on it , I can guarantee you that I am on the right path and I will keep growing in spiritual life. And I must say that God is directing Pastor to speak on relevant and useful things which suit all kinds of people coming to church. Because God’s word is double edged sword and when used rightly it touches everyones heart. And it did for me many times as I left Church with much better perspective of spiritual life not like Pharisees from Bible but as Gentile who bows down and prays to God with a humble and contrite heart.
    There is lot to say but I want to put it in one sentence to end your misery having read a lot till now.

    God is great and he is always great regardless of how you feel. But unless and until you are on the right track and led by right Church community you don’t feel it and your growth in spiritual life will be stagnant. I dare say it might get worse if led by a false community. And I can say with my whole heart that I found one such good community and it made a lot of positive difference in my life

  9. Hannah 3 months ago

    I came to Bangalore to do my internship in Nov 2010. We found this church at a walk-able distance. God has led me beautifully from the moment I journeyed here. I was welcomed warmly and could feel the presence of God here. The Church members were so loving and many a time I have received kind lifts and warm home-cooked foods. My original intention was to finish internship and leave, but God had better plans, He opened a door to continue my work.

    The Church always stuck to it’s core values of Salvation, Worship and Discipleship. The sermons are centered on the cross, focused on internal transformation and deals with how we can apply the Word in our lives. God gave me an opportunity to be part of the Children’s church, worship team; in and through these, attending the Bible study, dawn to dusk prayers, retreats helped me immensely in my walk with God.

    I came here Single, got married and now blessed with a child. I got married in 2012 and was praying in every 3rd Sunday breakthrough service. In 2016 Sep, Pastor said there will be a breakthrough soon and encouraged me to hope and pray. God blessed my womb and was with me as my Immanuel throughout the pregnancy and delivery of a healthy baby boy on July 2017. The Pastor, Shoba Aunty and prayer group has been very supportive throughout every stage of my life here. The pre-marriage counseling sessions and Covenant group meetings have been very helpful to both of us.

    I am thankful to God for making me a part of this wonderful community for these past 7 years and for blessing me with all that I needed and more.

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